An interview with Tanya

46lbs lost

"The reason I love this program so much is that it allows you personalized assistance and coaching."

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What problem were you facing when trying to achieve your health goal?

I have tried some other programs before but they didn't seem to stick. They were not sustainable and I was going in and out of programs not seeing much result. I was looking for a plan that would allow me to achieve my desired results and I needed something flexible enough to work with my schedule. It was important for me to have results that were achieved in a healthy way, and results that would be sustainable.

How did Fitmate help you?

My program is set based on my individual goals and my desired pace. My program consists of recommendations on my eating habits, exercise routines, meditation, and sleep. My coach has also helped me manage my cravings.The biggest driver for me was the sense of accountability. Having to show up weekly helps me feel like I’m not in it alone. It is also very helpful to have a tailored program reviewed and adjusted to address my individual challenges and boost my overall confidence about my progress.

What did you enjoy about your program?

The reason I love this program so much is that it allows you personalized assistance and coaching. It also provides a sense of accountability where you can check in with your coach periodically and get great advice that's catered to you and your goals. More than anything it's an all-encompassing, comprehensive, and holistic approach that addresses not just weight loss. All around this has been a great program and I am going to continue as I want to maintain what I have accomplished.

What did Fitmate help you achieve?

In short, I am thrilled with the results. I have been with the program since June 2020 so it has been about a year and 9 months. I have lost over 46 lbs since I started. I lost all that weight in my first year and I have been maintaining my weight ever since. I hit the goals set for me in the program that were far beyond what I thought I could accomplish. The best part is that it happened gradually and I feel well-equipped to be able to maintain my results and continue to grow toward new goals.

What will be your success story?

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