An interview with Kanya

15lbs lost

“My Fitmate Coach is always available, always helpful. It’s like having a coach in your pocket.”

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What problem were you facing when trying to achieve your health goal?

I was so sick and tired of spending hundreds, almost thousands of dollars on dieticians and nutritionists who were overcharging for information that - at the end of the day, really wasn’t helpful for me. When I joined I was trying to solve the problem of not having accountability which is why the messaging portion of the program has been so vital for me. I get real-time information, immediate feedback on recipes and guidance. I saw that Fitmate was less than $100/month and I learned that you could get pretty much unlimited access to a nutritional coach during that time through their messaging app.

How did Fitmate help you?

I have worked with dieticians and nutritionists before and they weren’t able to give me the information that I needed and they were not always available. My Fitmate Coach is always available, always helpful.  It’s like having a coach in your pocket. No matter where you are during your day or week they’re always accessible to you and I just find that to be amazing!

What did you enjoy about the program?

The main reason is the price no.1, but secondly the accountability and knowledge that comes with your coach. I never feel like I am being a burden or that I’ve asked too many questions. Overall, I just feel like this has been a remarkable experience for me. I can’t wait to continue on this journey and just the support, knowledge and accountability is everything I could have ever asked for, so they’ve definitely exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to continue moving forward.

What did Fitmate help you achieve?

I lost 15lbs and the knowledge I have gained in the program has been unmatched. The knowledge and support has been incomparable. I can’t compare it to anything else I’ve ever done before.

What will be your success story?

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