Why Online Weight Loss Specialists Should be On-Demand Now More Than Ever

Today, people expect services and products to be delivered almost instantaneously and that includes the services that weight-loss coaches provide.

Alon Laniado
September 29, 2023

The power of a genuine human connection with a coach on a weight loss journey is undeniable and that’s why an online weight loss specialist that is available on-demand can be a game-changer. Research consistently shows that human weight loss coaches offer a distinct advantage over digital-only weight loss platforms. This advantage is accentuated when coaches are available on-demand to help you at any hour so you don’t get only a human coach, but a coach that’s available whenever you need them. 

What Makes Coaching Powerful?

When you’re trying to lose weight, you need as much support as you can get. A health and wellness coach, telehealth dietician, online nutritionists, and weight loss apps may appear to offer the support you need, but they may not offer enough. The best type of coaching provides a human connection along with expertise, and on-demand support. An on-demand weight loss coach, helps you move forward on your weight-loss journey with the knowledge that someone is there with you guiding the way. Let’s look at what makes coaching so powerful. 

Routines that Keep You Motivated

Effective weight loss coaching isn't just about creating online weight loss plans and hoping for the best, It's about creating sustainable routines that contribute to your ability to hit your goals. An on-demand coach can not only help you create the routines but also keep you motivated so you stick to them through their use of remote weight monitoring as well as the the following methods:

  • You receive feedback on your progress.
  • Your coach checks in with you so you always feel accountable. 
  • A coach helps you with personalized strategies so you can overcome specific challenges.
  • Together with your coach, you set micro-goals so you always have an opportunity to celebrate incremental wins towards your goal. 

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Coaching in Action

Coaches help you with the challenges you face day-to-day by creating strategies tailored to your unique situation. For example, let’s say you are often tempted by late-night snacking. Your weight loss coach will figure out why those cravings come to a head late at night. 

The reason could be that your dinners are too light or not full of enough satiating ingredients. Your coach then provides you with a simple solution like adding more protein and fiber to your dinner so you feel full and no longer have the desire to snack later. 

You can sell daily photos of your meals to your coach and get feedback.

Coaching Techniques at Work

Life is fluid and human coaches can move with the punches to help weight-loss clients adjust their programs based on fluid needs. One of the biggest challenges we see today is work from home weight gain. A human weight loss coach can address that particular need by creating a specific plan tailored to the issue. The key that makes on-demand weight loss coaching effective is the ability to provide solutions for each individual’s unique circumstance versus a one-size-fits-all solution.

SMART Goal Setting 

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely. On-demand coaches for weight loss use the SMART principle to help create optimal results for clients. Let’s check out a SMART weight loss goal in action that your coach can help you create.


I am going to increase the number of lean proteins I eat this week so I feel more satiated.


All of my dinners will include a lean protein source for this week.


I already incorporate proteins into my diet, but now I am going to focus on lean proteins that fill me up instead of fatty proteins that increase my calories.


When I include healthy lean proteins into my diet, they make me full so I no longer have a desire to binge on unhealthy snacks.


I am starting this goal as of Monday this week and will continue with it until Sunday.

Your coach sets SMART goals with you that work with your lifestyle so they are realistic, and achievable and help you along your weight-loss journey. These SMART goals are designed to work with your lifestyle, so you can achieve them and feel the gratification of an achieved goal, receive positive feedback, and give yourself a chance to celebrate.

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Frequent Updates 

Clients can send daily meal photos to their coach for feedback or ask for suggestions on how to handle changes in daily commitments that affect weight loss targets. This creates commitment and the resulting feedback from a coach also adds a layer of weight loss accountability that helps clients reach weight loss goals. 

Feedback and Adjustments

Instead of an over-arching program that offers no flexibility, working with a coach provides the opportunity to make changes as you move through your weight-loss journey. Maybe you’re starting to get bored with meals, a coach can help you with meal ideas that work with your weight-loss goals but are also varied. Perhaps you lack protein ideas, or can’t think of a new way of incorporating protein. A seasoned coach can provide you with options that you may not know exist. 

Weekly Review

Instead of chasing a big end goal, when you work with a coach, you have manageable weekly goals. And even better than that, you get to check in with your coach to see how the week went. This provides an opportunity to not only stay accountable but also address challenges, make adjustments to your plan, and move into the following week with more confidence. 

You can get immediate feedback from your weight loss coach like ideas for recipes and meal planning.

The On-Demand Edge in Weight Loss Coaching

Having a coach to help you on your weight-loss journey is great. But, having a coach that is available on-demand can provide you with assistance when you need it. Instead of asking, How much does a weight loss coach cost? it’s better to first find out how accessible your weight loss coach is going to be. Rather than waiting days for a scheduled session, Immediate feedback on issues can help you address them quickly so you can get right back on track without losing momentum. 

Enhanced Accountability & Consistent Monitoring

On-demand coaching revolutionizes the way you stay committed. Instead of reporting your meals at the end of the week, you check in your meals daily. Daily meal check-ins heighten your sense of responsibility and accountability. This consistent touchpoint means you're less likely to stray off the path and return to old habits or give in to temptations.

Immediate Feedback & Reinforced Affirmations

When you’re reporting meals daily, you get immediate feedback on the quality of the meals you’re creating. This allows you to receive positive feedback when your meals are hitting all the checkboxes for quality proteins and fiber. Positive feedback can boost your confidence and keep you motivated. 

The daily feedback also gives your coach the opportunity to help you make adjustments if your meals are not meeting your nutritional needs. That way, you can address the shortcomings right away and move into the next day powered by the knowledge you’ve received to create the meals that are going to help you meet your weight-loss goals. 

Timely Clarifications & Instant Resource Sharing

Ever had that last-minute trip to the supermarket and needed recipe ideas? With on-demand coaching, you get immediate resources. Let’s suppose you're prepping for a Sunday brunch with dietary-restricted friends. Rather than temptations leading you astray, your coach provides tailored recipes right away, ensuring a healthy meal for everyone.

Addressing Setbacks Promptly

It is natural to experience setbacks when you’ve started on a new journey. Things like stress and life events can cause you to veer off of your path. Stress can cause cravings for processed foods; changes in schedules may leave you no time to prepare your meals so you end up relying on take-out. 

Wandering off the path for a meal can happen, but it can also make you feel guilty and lead to an “all or nothing” mindset that can reverse the progress you’ve made. On-demand coaching ensures timely interventions so your coach can offer you a solution to whatever the setback is. Whether it’s a strategy on how to reduce stress or how to make a good menu choice, immediate help from your coach helps you stay on track for the next meal and the next day. 

Unplanned get-togethers can be a lot of fun, but they can also throw you off weight-loss plan, that's where a coach can step in and help you get back on track quickly.

Support During Unplanned Events

A surprise dinner invitation, an impromptu family gathering, or sudden plans for after-work drinks can be fun parts of life, but they can throw a curveball when it comes to following your meal schedules. That’s where an on-demand coach can provide you with preemptive strategies to handle temptations, ensuring unplanned events don't turn into major setbacks.

Flexibility in Scheduling

Life is unpredictable no matter how much you try to schedule and control it. That also means that fixed coaching sessions are not always ideal, especially if you’ve got a big life with a lot of moving parts. On-demand coaching gives you the flexibility you need so you can reschedule sessions for when they work for you and also receive support and motivation in between sessions. 

What You Need to Be On-Demand 

To achieve truly responsive and effective coaching, technology and human coaches must work together. Let’s get into what makes for a genuine on-demand experience.

Tech-Enhanced Coaching 

True on-demand coaching must integrate technology to boost efficiency and responsiveness. Tech tools can accelerate a coach's response time by filling in knowledge gaps. For example, if a client is seeking a high-protein recipe, a tech tool can quickly suggest options. 

These tools can handle routine queries, making coaches available for more complex concerns. This dual benefit ensures clients receive immediate solutions, either directly from the tech tool or through a more efficient, tech-augmented coach.

The Indispensable Human Touch in Coaching 

While technology can assist coaches with simple tasks, human coaching has irreplaceable benefits. Human coaches provide motivation, foster routines, and enhance accountability. Automated systems, no matter how advanced, can't replicate the motivation a human coach offers. 

Two-way interaction with a human amplifies accountability and human supervision paired with tech has been proven to provide better weight loss outcomes. Moreover, human coaches possess the unique ability to empathize and bond emotionally with weight-loss clients which can provide unparalleled support during setbacks.

Fitmate: Marrying Tech with The Human Element for On-Demand Coaching 

Fitmate Coach epitomizes on-demand coaching by seamlessly merging human expertise with tech innovation. Fitmate tools don't just automate, they amplify a human coach’s reach to help them be more responsive to client’s needs. 

For example, by automating routine tasks, coaches can focus on providing personalized advice so clients always receive relevant guidance. The Fitmate platform's team-based approach, with auxiliary coaches available during off-hours, guarantees 24/7 support, exemplifying true on-demand service.

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On-Demand Weight Loss Coaching: A Revolution in Achieving Your Goals

The challenges of weight loss are well-known with countless diets, workout regimes, and lifestyle changes promising results and falling short. The key to a weight-loss plan that gets results provides on-demand support, motivation, and accountability. Most of us start on a weight-loss journey with a big goal in mind and the complete desire to reach it. However, life has a zany way of upending plans for things like meal planning and exercise and adding unexpected events like a surprise birthday party with too many delicious dessert offerings to resist. 

When you’re on your own dealing with these events, it can cause you to throw up your hands and revert to your old way of living. However, when you have an on-demand weight loss coach you can instantly message for help so you can get back on track right away. You receive solutions, like the best foods to order on a take-out or restaurant menu or how to adjust your calories for the next day if you’ve had a supremely decadent dessert.

This on-demand coaching response lets you leave the day of splurging and setbacks in the past and get back on track for the next day without losing momentum. An on-demand human coach does not just provide food and exercise guidance, but also emotional support to help you deal with life so you can continue on your weight-loss journey and hit your goals no matter what life throws your way.

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