The Best Noom Alternatives for Weight Loss Management

Noom is a popular weight loss program, but is it for you? If you want 1:1 coaching and accountability maybe not, but if you want daily lessons helping you with your behaviors then maybe yes. There are many alternatives to Noom that might be a better fit for you.

Alon Laniado
June 9, 2023

Noom is one of the most popular apps for weight management, but some Noom alternatives are quickly gaining traction. Noom combines aspects of behavior change, expert advice, and tracking tools to provide a robust solution for weight loss. While Noom's success has made it a popular choice, it might not be the ideal option for everyone, especially if you want personalized support and help to create a realistic plan. 

We’ve examined some of the most popular Noom alternatives on the market so you don’t have to. Up next we’re going to give you some tips on what to look for when deciding on the right program for you and your lifestyle. After that, we’re going to go through each popular alternative to Noom and share the similarities and differences between it and the Noom program. 

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The Importance of Adjusting Weight Loss Program to Your Lifestyle

While all weight loss programs are supposed to help you lose weight, they are not going to work for each person. That’s because you and your lifestyle are unique so you need a plan that is going to work with your needs and preferences. 

You may need personal coaching and motivational help so it’s important that the program give you the option for that. Perhaps, you require more tracking tools or recipes, or maybe just reminders for your hectic lifestyle. That means it’s important to find a program that knows how to support weight loss in the way in which you need it to.

A human weight loss coach can keep you accountable and motivated from week-to-week with on-demand solutions.

Things You Should Consider When Choosing The Best Weight Loss Program for you

There are some key things to look for before deciding on the best program for your lifestyle and your goals. Make sure to weigh these things before committing to a program. 

Is the Program Realistic For You?

Consider whether the program offers guidance on what you need to do to lose weight based on sound weight loss principles (e.g., consuming lean foods that fill you up rather than restrictive dieting or excessive exercise, which can be unsustainable). Also, consider whether the program is flexible in terms of pacing and addresses other lifestyle factors, such as stress management and sleep, which may influence your progress.

How Much (human) Support Does it Offer to Stay Accountable and Motivated and Is It on Demand?

The level of support you need depends on your ability to adopt healthy routines sustainably on your own. Many people require some form of assistance, often from a human professional, to stay motivated and feel accountable.

Connect with a personal weight loss coach

The Price of the Program

Generally, the price of a service depends on the level of guidance and support you get. The less guidance and support you need, the cheaper it is.

The best weight loss program is the one that supports you and your lifestyle.
On-demand support from a weight loss coach coupled with accountability can help you achieve goals you may have had trouble with in the past.

Best Noom Alternatives That You Should Check Out

Our team has examined some of the best weight loss apps available to help you figure out which one is right for you. You’ll find out each program’s main benefits and how they are similar to and different from Noom.


Fitamate is a leading weight loss app that provides weight loss support coaches that give you 1:1 coaching via its app.


FitMateCoach and Noom both provide tools and resources that help you look at lifestyle and behaviors that affect your weight loss journey. Both are not focused strictly on calorie counting but rather offer a more holistic approach to weight loss. Fitmate and Noom both provide personalized weight loss plans as well as tools and resources such as recipes and actionable tips to help users achieve their goals.


FitMateCoach offers daily interaction with a 1:1 coach via a conversational app for better accountability, motivation, and support. Noom focuses more on daily lessons for behavior change and psychology without a coach. However, they provide a weekly behavior coaching session for an extra $150 per month plus a one-time $19 fee for joining the behavior coaching program on top of the regular subscription.

Main Benefits

FitMateCoach is excellent if you need the additional support and accountability that comes with daily interaction with a coach. This is particularly effective if you struggle with self-motivation and could use that extra cheerleader and accountability partner on your side. 

Weight Watchers


Both Noom and Weight Watchers offer plans that give you some leeway in deciding what you want to eat within a recommended calorie budget. They also send encouraging messages and also have support communities for peer motivation.


While Noom focuses on daily lessons and behavior changes to facilitate weight loss, Weight Watchers employs a points system that encourages the consumption of nutritionally-dense foods rather than restricting food choices.

Main Benefits

Among weight loss support apps, Weight Watchers is a pretty good one for offering a flexible plan. It allows members to eat what they want within their allocated points for the week. You also get access to a 24/7 coaching app that provides answers to your questions, and you can also attend weekly workshops with a premium subscription.



Both Noom and MyFitnessPal provide tools for tracking food consumption and exercise, which are both essential for sustainable weight loss.


MyFitnessPal focuses primarily on calorie counting and tracking macros, while Noom emphasizes behavior and psychology changes for long-term success.

Main Benefits

MyFitnessPal is a weight loss program suitable for users who are knowledgeable about macro tracking and can self-motivate. The app offers a free food tracker and a premium version for enhanced nutrition tracking.

Lose It!


Like Noom, Lose It! uses food tracking, weight logging, and exercise tracking to help users achieve their weight loss goals.


Lose It! focuses on meeting a daily calorie budget based on user inputs and goals, while Noom incorporates daily lessons on behavior and psychology to enable long-term success.

Main Benefits

Lose It! is ideal for self-motivated individuals who can follow calorie requirements. The app offers a free version with the option to upgrade to a premium version for more tracking features.



Both Noom and Fooducate provide a platform for users to track their food intake and help them make better food choices.


Fooducate focuses on educating users about the nutritional value of the foods they consume, while Noom offers daily lessons on behavior change and psychology.

Main Benefits

Fooducate is perfect for individuals seeking to understand their food choices and make informed decisions. The app requires self-motivation to achieve desirable results and is available in both free and pro versions.



Both Noom and Healthi offer personalized plans based on user inputs and provide a platform for tracking food intake.


Healthi relies on specific plans, such as low-carb diets, and helps users stay accountable to those plans, while Noom focuses on behavior change through daily lessons.

Main Benefits

Healthi is an excellent option for users who prefer following specific popular diets and need a tool to track their adherence. It is best suited for self-motivated individuals who can adjust their food intake or diets based on the results they observe. Healthi offers both a free version and a PRO version for an annual fee.

MyPlate Calorie Tracker


Similar to Noom, MyPlate Calorie Tracker aids users in monitoring food intake and calories to achieve weight loss goals.


MyPlate Calorie Tracker requires users to set their target weight and daily macro targets, while Noom offers daily lessons and focuses on behavior change.

Main Benefits

MyPlate Calorie Tracker is best suited for individuals knowledgeable about macros and what food combinations work best for them. Subscription options include monthly, 6-month, and yearly plans.



Both Noom and MyNetDiary utilize food tracking, weight logging, and exercise tracking to help users achieve their weight loss goals.


MyNetDiary is primarily calorie-based and enables users to set weekly and overall weight loss targets, while Noom provides daily lessons on behavior change and psychology.

Main Benefits

MyNetDiary is a useful app for those who have adequate knowledge of nutrition and are self-motivated in tracking their food intake and making adjustments as needed.

It offers a free version and a premium version with more tracking features.

Noom Alternatives at a Glance: Key Highlights

Program Is the Program Realistic? Human Support Offered? Cost
Fitmate Adaptable program considering all lifestyle factors affecting weight loss. Unlimited coaching for motivation, almost daily interaction with coaches. $75/month or $65/month for a 16-week program with unlimited coaching.
WeightWatchers Point system encourages nutrient-dense food consumption. Limited flexibility but considers factors like sleep, mindset. Weekly workshops with a coach (in-person/virtual), 24/7 on-demand coach, social community support, and weigh-ins for premium users. Ranges from $43/month to $45/month for workshops and digital access, based on commitment period.
My Fitness Pal Uses flexible approach with food logging for weight loss via calorie deficits. Limited guidance/accountability, not holistic beyond food tracking. Community for peer support. Lacks coaching or in-demand support. Free for basic features. Premium plan with enhanced tracking and meal/workout plans costs $49/year.
My Net Diary Focuses on calorie deficit and allows weight loss target changes. User self-accountability required, not holistic beyond calorie counting and exercise tracking. Community support and premium weekly nutrient/macros analysis. No human coaching or on-demand support. Free basic version. Premium version at $8.99/month or $59.99/year.
MyPlate Calorie Counter Calorie-counting approach, doesn't provide detailed food choice guidance. 8-week meal plan based on a popular diet, no consideration of sleep or stress. Reminders for meal times, community group peer support. Lacks personalized coaching/on-demand support. $9.99 for 1 month, $29.99 for 6 months, or $44.99 for 1 year.
Healthi Tracks various diets, requires user understanding and motivation. Switching plans for flexibility. Main focus on diet, not on sleep or stress. Community support with themed groups. Weekly meetings led by community coaches. Interaction in groups and on-demand assistance with PRO version. Free basic version. PRO version at $59.99/year.
Fooducate Educational tool requiring user's understanding of nutrition. Limited flexibility, focus on food and nutrition. Community forum for discussions about weight loss journeys. Lacks coaching/on-demand support. Free basic plan. Pro plan costs $9.99/month, extra $2.99 for gluten-free or allergies.
Lose It Calorie requirements for weight loss based on user details. Discipline and understanding of food quality essential. Sleep and blood pressure logging in premium version. Community forum for peer support. Lacks coaching/on-demand support. Free basic version. Pro version with additional trackers costs $40/year.
Noom Achievable weight loss of 1-2 lbs/week through daily lessons on behavior change. The holistic approach considers psychological factors. Requires user initiative post-lessons. Noom Guides for weekly encouragement, peer support via Noom Circles. 1:1 coaching available as extra. Free basic food tracking plan. Paid plans from $70/month to $209/year.

The Bottom Line - How to Choose the Right App for Your Needs

When choosing the right weight loss app, focus on your individual needs, level of guidance, support, and budget. Consider factors such as how much accountability you require, the pacing and flexibility of the program, and whether it addresses all aspects of your lifestyle. By examining these aspects and comparing alternatives to Noom, you can select the best weight loss app tailored to your preferences and requirements.

If you are looking for Noom free alternatives, you'll be happy to know that most apps have a free version. The free versions give you a chance to experience the app before you pay for the premium features. Remember that the key to success is finding a program that complements your lifestyle and is sustainable in the long run. Be open to exploring different options until you find the perfect fit. 

If you feel that you need the motivation and accountability from a 1:1 coach, check out Fitmate success stories and take our quiz to see if you're right for the program.

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