Beyond Algorithms: Why Holistic Weight Loss Support from Human Personal Coaches is the Answer

While AI support tools are growing in popularity, there are some things that only a human weight loss coach can provide like emotional support and on-demand assistance with surprises, setbacks and suggestions.

Alon Laniado
June 12, 2023

The support of a personal weight loss coach is crucial when embarking on a weight loss journey. That’s because people who receive personal coaching receive not just guidance but also motivation and feel a sense of accountability.  While technology has made significant advancements, it can’t replace the irreplaceable value of connection and understanding you can only get from a human personal coach for weight loss. 

Human weight loss coaches offer a unique combination of expertise, empathy, and accountability that apps and AI systems can’t replicate. They are trained to navigate the complexities of weight loss while offering emotional support and encouragement tailored specifically to your needs. A weight loss personal coach also works with you to develop a plan that suits your lifestyle, ensuring it can be realistically maintained and adapted to your changing circumstances.

Moreover, human coaches have a keen understanding of the various struggles people face during their weight loss journey. They can quickly adjust your plan or provide reassurance during setbacks, a feature not commonly seen in apps or automated programs. By fostering a deep sense of accountability, a prescription weight loss coach can inspire you to push through challenges, stay focused, and ultimately reach your goals.

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How do Human Weight Loss Coaches Differ from AI Tools?

Human coaches provide motivational support through complex conversations and they are able to empathize with real human struggles and provide solutions. All of that also makes you feel more accountable to yourself and to your coach for the goals you set. In contrast, technology-driven tools offer basic support but lack the deeper connection and understanding that come with working closely with a human coach. An AI personal weight loss coach online can provide you with programmed motivation but lacks the ability to address your real day-to-day concerns.

A human weight loss coach can provide accountability and motivation to help you push through week after week.h
You can have complex conversations with a human coach and receive empathy and real-world support and guidance.

Why Do You Need Human Coaches as Part of Your Weight Loss Solutions?

In order to lose weight, you need to change the behaviors that have resulted in that weight. The support of a trained human coach has been proven to be more effective in inspiring behavior change compared to individuals who go at it alone or use tech tools alone. Human coaching is successful due to three key aspects: complex conversations, empathy, and accountability.

Ability to Have Complex Conversations

If you’ve ever tried to use a chatbot online, you know there’s a big difference between it and talking to a human. When it comes to the deeply personal journey of weight loss, you want to be able to engage with someone to get real support. Human coaches can engage in complex conversations, provide personalized feedback, and employ proven coaching techniques, such as motivational interviewing. 

That helps clients discover and reflect on their motivations, values, and goals, leading to increased motivation. In contrast, a personal weight loss coach online AI tool may struggle to navigate complex or ambiguous statements, limiting their ability to provide the same level of support.


Trying to lose weight can be a tumultuous experience as you try to change behaviors like eating more protein, getting better sleep, and moving more. When you’re trying to change your behaviors, you need empathy, genuine concern, and personalized support. You can only get that from a human coach. 

The relationship between you and your coach involves emotional understanding and genuine concern. This creates a strong bond between you and your coach which creates that lovely sense of teamwork. This emotional support also helps you cope with setbacks, remain motivated, and look forward to sharing your successes.

Human Accountability

Human coaches are more effective in establishing accountability as demonstrated by studies showing that individuals who received both a smartphone app and human coaching were more likely to achieve their weight loss goals. This can be attributed to the combination of personalized coaching and regular check-ins with the coach.

Connect with a personal weight loss coach

Human weight loss coaches can provide emotional support and guidance to address setbacks and navigate changes.n
A good weight loss coach will listen to the problems you are having and provide reasonable solutions based upon your needs and lifestyle.

What Makes Good Weight Loss Coaches?

All great weight loss coaches possess a few key qualities. These qualities are needed in order for them to be able to help you in the most effective way. Let’s get into what to look out for in a great personal weight loss coach.

They are Great Listeners

Your personal coach should be a great listener. Active listening is crucial for building rapport with clients, allowing for a strong coach-client relationship. When you feel like your coach is actually listening to you and addressing your problems, you feel the desire to do better and you also feel more accountable to your coach.

They Have the Right Expertise

Weight loss coaches should have comprehensive knowledge of various aspects of weight loss, including nutrition, physical activity, and other lifestyle factors. They should also be trained in motivational routines.

They are Available All the Time

A good personal weight loss coach understands that clients might need support at any time. Your weight loss journey doesn’t shut down at 5 p.m. or on the weekend. So a great weight loss coach makes sure they are always available for guidance and encouragement.

They Are Affordable

Personalized human support will inevitably be more expensive than a purely automated app as you’re receiving a prescription weight loss coach rather than an over-the-counter one. However, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars every month to have frequent and high-quality interactions with a professional. 

An excellent coach should provide a balanced approach. That means they should offer their expertise and availability at a reasonable cost to help as many people as they can. This approach gives a chance to everyone, regardless of financial background to access their services and benefit from their personalized guidance.

Receive support from a personal weight loss coach online

You may have planned a dinner at home and end up going to a restaurant. An on-demand coach can help you make the right menu choice.

Why Should Good Coaches Be Available On-Demand?

The demand for on-demand services has dramatically increased in recent years thanks to the ease and convenience of platforms like Uber and DoorDash. As people get used to the on-demand experience they expect it for all aspects of their lives, including weight loss coaching. In fact, in an area like weight-loss coaching that desire is more so as clients can come across challenges at any time of the day. Good coaches need to be available on demand to address such situations and ensure their clients can tackle obstacles as they emerge.

Help With Decisions

Life is unpredictable, you might not know what to order off the menu at a restaurant, perhaps you missed your daily walk and don’t know if you can replace that with something else, or maybe life’s just gotten hectic and you need some help planning. For all of those things, it’s helpful to have a weight loss coach that’s on demand. It’s also nice to receive encouragement and feedback to stay motivated as motivation is one of the keys to a successful weight loss journey.

Assist with Sudden Issues

Also, on-demand coaching can help you with sudden issues like cravings, if you’ve just had a setback, or even when you just need a meal idea. All weight loss coaches cannot offer that type of on-demand attention due to fixed schedules, limited follow-up communication options, or a lack of holistic skills and expertise. However, if you are in the beginning stages of your weight loss journey, it’s best to find a service that can offer you on-demand help. 

The Bottom Line - Choosing the RIGHT Human Weight Loss Coach for You

Working with a weight loss personal coach can provide you with the essential human connection, expertise, and on-demand accessibility needed to achieve your weight loss goals. While technology has made significant advancements, the genuine connection and understanding that come from working directly with a human personal coach for weight loss are irreplaceable as seen by Fitmate's success stories . By choosing the RIGHT weight loss coach for you, you set yourself up for a successful and sustainable weight loss journey.

Get unlimited motivational support from your personal coach 7 days a week

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