The Power Of Sleep For Weight Loss

37% of adults in the US do not get enough sleep. While many of the downsides of a poor night’s sleep are fairly known, the detrimental impact of a sleep deficit in preventing people from achieving their weight loss goals is under-appreciated.

37% Of Adults In The US Do Not Get Enough Sleep. WHILE Many Of The Downsides Of A Poor Night’s Sleep Are Fairly Known, The Detrimental Impact Of A Sleep Deficit In Preventing People From Achieving Their Weight Loss Goals Is Under-Appreciated.

A lack of sleep triggers hunger hormones and causes you to eat more, especially calorific comfort foods. An adequate nights sleep prevents this. It also lowers your stress levels which helps prevent food cravings, and increases your willpower to be active.

There are countless other benefits to getting regular 8 hours sleep.

But getting enough sleep requires preparation - changing your mindset from “I’ll sleep when I’m done with everything” to “I’ll do everything to preserve my 8 hours sleep.”

Let’s look at 3 simple ways you can improve your sleep and your energy levels...

Keep your room cool

Did you know your room temperature can actually influence how long you sleep for? Most studies have shown that people sleep for longer at cooler temperature. We suggest bringing your room temperature down to 68°F to get a longer night’s sleep. Try cracking a window.

Don’t drink coffee after 3 pm

Many studies have explored the role that coffee plays in interfering with your sleep and confirmed that it decreases the total amount of time we sleep for and also interferes with the quality of this sleep.

A lot of these unwanted nighttime effects are also thought to be from a reduction in the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin. Because of this, we suggest consuming coffee no later than 3 pm, this allows your body time to metabolize the caffeine out of your system, this will stop it from interfering with your sleep.

Relax before bed.

Don’t over-schedule your day so that no time is left for unwinding. A relaxing activity, such as reading or listening to music, should be part of your bedtime ritual and help you sleep faster. Just remember - put the screen down before bedtime.

These 3 tips are a great way to get your sleep quality heading in the right direction. Our program contains further steps to take to nail down your 8-hour sleep and set yourself for success to lose weight.

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