How To Order-Out The Healthy Way

The world loves take-out, and with the introduction of food delivery services, it’s become easier than ever to get whatever you want at the press of a button.

The World Loves Take-Out, And With The Introduction Of Food Delivery Services, It’s Become Easier Than Ever To Get Whatever You Want At The Press Of A Button.

This accessibility can be both good and bad. The bad being, when you feel like something unhealthy, or you just don’t have the energy to cook, you can easily order that unhealthy meal. The good, as with the bad lies in this same accessibility to healthy food. With knowledge and willpower, you can master healthy take-out in no time.

Here we give you examples of menus you will likely come across when ordering take-out. We are giving you the tools to help you begin to choose the healthy take-out option, choosing the right option will make sure you stay on track towards your health goals.

Mexican Take-Out

Firstly, let’s look at a typical Mexican menu. Browse through this menu and select the item you would consider a healthy meal option from each meal category.

FITMATE COACH - Order in a Mexican Restaurant

Below are the healthy food options on this menu. You will start to notice as you study more menus, what is considered healthy are those options that are vegetable-based, with lean proteins like chicken or fish. This is because those foods are considered the most nutritious and will help you meet your weight loss goals. With time, selecting a healthy option will become easy.


·        Appetizers - Pineapple Mango Salsa, Tortilla Soup, or Guacamole

·        Entrees - Fajitas De Camaron or Chipotle Chicken

·        Burritos/Taco - Veggie or Pollo Taco – a taco bowl is a better option, served without the corn tortilla

·        Salads - All of the salads are good options except the Tex-Mex Fajita Salad – remember to ask for the dressing on the side

If you selected any of these food items, you are spot on. These are the healthiest food options on the menu, you can enjoy these without feeling guilty, but remember to ask for your meal to be served without sour cream, choose the guacamole for that creamy texture instead.

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Italian Take-Out

Now you have mastered ordering a healthy meal from a Mexican menu, let’s look at a typical Italian menu.

Once again the answers are below, browse over these to see if you picked the right ones. Choosing the right options really is about practice, the more you do it, the better you will get at it.

FITMATE Coach - how to order in a Italian Restaurant

Now have a look below at the healthy food options. Once again, lots of vegetables and lean proteins are best when selecting from an Italian menu.

Italian food is notorious for its high carbohydrate pasta which can contribute to unwanted weight gain, so the more vegetables and lean protein in the dish the less pasta, and the less impact on weight gain.


·        Starters – Bruschetta Basillicaask for the parmesan on the side

·        Salads – Blueberry & chicken, Shrimp Cobb Salad – remember to ask for the dressing on the side

·        Mario’s classics – Seafood Giorgio, Pasta Fresca, Sherri’s Pasta – ask if you can have the sauce on the side

There are many cuisines available which can be a little confusing when trying to select the healthy option. Our program provides you with tools that will help make your selection a little easier. Start our program to learn more about what healthy take-out options you can eat. $50 monthly subscription.

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