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Worked at Fitmate for 2 yrs

Helped 100+ clients reach their goals

My specialist areas

🍲 Nutrition
👟 Activity
🧘🏻 Lifestyle
🗓 Habit building
🤩 Motivation
💪 Tackling obstacles
🚺 Women’s health

About me

I love being outdoors and exploring different trails with my dog. I’m also an avid cook and enjoy experimenting with new recipes (ask me for gluten free ideas and healthy versions of fast food or desserts!)

When I’m not cooking or spending time outdoors, you can find me with a book or listening to a podcast - psychology based ones are my favourite.

I believe organization, planning ahead, and being flexible are the KEYS for success 🚀

What my clients say

“After three kids, Fitmate was exactly what I needed to start the journey to a healthy me. Gigi provided guidance when I didn't know where or how to start, tons of advice and gave me the accountability I needed to keep on track with my goals. I'm so grateful that I found Fitmate and had their help in redefining what nutrition and exercise mean to me. Having someone on the side lines cheering me on helped a lot too!”

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5 star rating for Fitmate Coach

“Fitmate coaching was just what I needed when I moved to the US and gained a whopping 20 lbs within one year.The fact that you are chatting with a REAL person from the get-go is such a tremendous help. It gave me the accountability, confidence, knowledge, and gentleness I needed to take off 16 pounds without losing my mind. The coaches opened my eyes to lifestyle changes in a way no other program had done. I have tried a gazillion things. I DEFINITELY recommend it!”

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5 star rating for Fitmate Coach

“She has taught me so much and implemented many new goals that are becoming the new norm for my healthy new lifestyle.”

Image of a client


5 star rating for Fitmate Coach